Seamiew Records Sampler 1 (2003)

Ever Decreasing Circles
Akemi (live)

Other bands: End of April, Mindstab, Gazzoleen

Dutchrock (2003)

T Minus

Other bands: Zuco 103, Face Tomorrow, Green Lizard, Travoltas a.o.

Nu Metal (2002)

Ever Decreasing Circles

Other bands: Linea 77, Hed (pe), Dimension Seven, Gazzoleen a.o.

Wired-Up 2 (2002)

T Minus

Other bands: Staind, Linkin Park, Sum 41, Silverchair, Disturbed, Static-X a.o.

Rock Tribune (2002)

T Minus

Other bands: Lacuna Coil, Deranged, Masterplan, The Vandals, Killer a.o.

Up Sampler 5 (2003)

Ever Decreasing Circles

Other bands: Peter Pan Speedrock, No Use For A Name, The Vandals, Sick of it All a.o.

Dutch Rock (2001)

An Evening With Knives

Other bands: Beef, Bettie Serveert, Racoon, After Forever, Peter Pan, Celestial Season a.o.

What's Nu vol.2 (2001)

Leaves of Grass

Other bands: Disturbed, Fear Factory, Rammstein, Queens of the Stone Age, Spineshank, Life of Agony, Feeder a.o.

Nieuw Nederlands Peil 9 (2001)

An Evening With Knives

Other bands: Within Temptation, Green Lizard, Racoon, Beef, Brainpower a.o.

Nu Metal:2000 (2000)


Other bands: Linea 77, (Hed) pe, Glassjaw, Sevendust, Will Haven, Frozen Sun, Pleymo, Watcha a.o.